IPCC & Met Office forecast 2050 as HOT… how COLD will it be?

In October last year I had a play about with a Solar Cycle graph from informthepundits.wordpress.com, and added an overlay to show three solar cycle periods (SC12, 13 & 14), that as far as I know are not given any “minimum” status as the period was not identified as being “COLD”. No, I’m not looking for any recognition about this period, and as far as I know neither is Piers Corbyn….but hey don’t let that stop anyone from calling it “The Gabriel Near Minimum”:)

I have now added another overlay to the original chart and also extended it with three fictitious shaped solar cycles (SC24, 25 & 26). All of these cycles are forecast to be lower then SC 23, and SC 24 is expected to be the highest of the three, be it the lowest one for 100 years! SC 25 WILL be lower then SC 24 as per latest estimate from NASA. SC 26 Is entered as similar level to SC 25 (my guess). This should bring the period up to around 2050, as you can see from above, this WILL BE A COOL/COLD period and NOT HOT as per the Met Office and the IPCC.

See full article using the following link




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