Are these people at the BBC deluded Pt1


Simon Reeve: the media has to show the reality of climate change

Picture this you and a team of cameraman go to an area in Australia that’s historically hot and has Forrest fires….your making a documentary about the area being hot with Forrest are you going to sell it …answer…bring on climate change

But It’s not just any old “Climate Change”, thats way to simple, you introduce the documentary as part of shock presentation that bush fires can only be a result of very recent circumstances, however historic data of bush fires shows this to be untrue, and it certainly doesn’t seem to account for much during the filming.

After all why upset the balance of a BBC documentary promoting “man made” climate change with facts.

BTW Its also purely coincidental that the film crew mention that Australia have now reduced funding into “man made” climate change and now stand the risk of having even more “man made” climate change and even more Forrest fires.

Enjoy the programme

Wildfires 2014: Inside the Inferno is on tonight on BBC Two at 9.00pm


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